Qingdao Win Vast International Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. It is a first-class international freight forwarder approved by the Ministry of transportation. Have established own agency networks with more than 120 countries and regions around the world Business scope of the company: Shipping containers, special containers, scattered miscellaneous ships, ro-ro ships, heavy parts, EPC project logistics, land trailers, sea-rail multimodal transport, customs declaration inspection, import customs clearance, logistics consulting, project design, etc. , One-stop service for the international import and export companies to provide a full set of professional logistics and transportation services

Containers shipping: We have signed long-term booking agency cooperation agreements with CMA, COSCO, COSCO, Maersk MSK, Taiping PIL, Evergreen EMC, ONE, President APL, Dexiang OOCL, Korea KMTC, etc. The price of the contract, and priority to ensure the position during the peak season, can also be equipped with inland trailer business to provide customers with flexible and diverse, fully integrated options;

Marine Special Containers: Our company can undertake the transportation of large cargoes such as construction machinery, vehicles, boilers, yachts, large-scale tires, mixing stations, ball mills, and mining equipment. Out of gauge (OOG) has become the specialty service of our company. Professional logistics operators can design your large cargo from the transport program - transport loading - cargo packaging - factory pick-up - road and land transport - packing and consolidation - customs clearance and inspection - onboard lifting - unloading at the destination port, etc. Provide you with a one-stop special box transport service; Bulk Groceries: We have established long-term stable cooperative relations with a number of shipowners at home and abroad, mainly from various ports in China such as Tianjin, Jingtang, Caofeidian, Bayuquan, Qingdao, Longkou, Rizhao, Shanghai, Zhenjiang and Changshu to Southeast Asia. , Middle East and India, East Africa and West Africa, South America and the Caribbean, South Pacific, Mediterranean and other European routes, and provide charter, booking, and port ground services

Heavy-lifts/EPC project logistics: We have accumulated a great deal of experience in heavy-lifts and project logistics, ranging from 50-500 tons of single-item cargo. The service sector generally involves hydropower stations, thermal power stations, wind power stations, large transport ships, fishing boats, Patrol boats, locomotives, train cars, due to the large size of heavy cargo, single piece weight, we can provide heavy lifting, floating crane, precision reinforcement, special vehicle transportation and other services according to different cargoes;

RORO or ro-ro: A ro-ro ship is a transport unit filled with containers or cargo. The vehicle is driven through the springboard of the first, tail or stern door of the ship. At the time of loading, the car and the trailer towed by the traction vehicle enter the cabin through the springboard. After arriving at the port of destination, drop down the ramp and then load the vehicle (trailer or forklift) exclusively for loading and unloading from the ship and decks for loading and unloading operations. Vehicles can be delivered directly to the receiving unit. In order to make full use of warehouses, there is a platform in the local area of the warehouse, which is usually flipped or affixed to the side; when the vehicle needs to be loaded, the platform is lowered, and the warehouse is separated into two or three floors so that multiple vehicles can be installed. 

On the import side: We provide one-stop services such as import change orders,customs clearance and inspection, land transportation, bonded transfer, manual import,etc. A sound agency network provides you with all information on the port of shipment (door-to-door quotes, The cost of goods port). After many years of communication and exchanges with customs, commodity inspection, and port operations, the company maintains a good relationship of cooperation and provides effective support for companies to facilitate customs clearance.

Our purpose: to be your logistics expert